Sub-contracting is a very important part of our business. Flexibility in production and short lead times to customer are some of our many strengths making our customers chosing Klöfver AB as a preferred supplier.

We are flame- or plasmacutting according to customer drawings. We can process components according to set requirements and specifications from customers. If you have no drawing, we make them for you as part of our complete offer.

We keep most dimensions of steel plates in stock. Between 2mm - 75mm we stock every 5th mm. Above 75mm we stock every 10th mm up to 260mm.

High-tensile steel Supralsim 420 and 690 (Weldox), Wear plate Fora 400 (Hardox), various dimensions of stainless steel, Z-plate and plate för pressure vessels are other types that we frequently also keep in stock.

QUality certificate according to ISO 9001 can be found here

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