About us - history

Klöfver AB was founded by Simeon Klöfver in Dannäs, Småland, Sweden. The company started as a mechanical workshop in 1946 manufacturing small punching presses in sizes from 4 ton up to 16 ton. These presses are still today in use and are commonly called - "Dannäs"-presses.

Simeon Klöfver was an inventor and never lacked new ideas. One early invention was the washing machine named "Marita". Electrolux had at the time of manufacture, no similar product in their portfolio.

As the only employer in the small village of Dannäs, the workforce mainly consisted of men in the workshop. Therefore Mr Klöfver formed a textile manufaturing department creating job opportunities for the female population in the village. However, this department was separated from the mechanical workshop by one floor.